Our History

180+ Years of Serving the Lord and the Community


Among the first settlers in the North Lake area were the Glenns, arriving here from New York in the early 1830s. The North Lake Methodist Episcopal Church was established in 1836. Services were held in the house of John and Jane Glenn. John’s brother, Charles, acted as speaker. He was not a trained minister, but was sanctioned by a circuit rider to perform religious duties. In 1846, the Glenn brothers helped build a school which also served as a church. The present sanctuary was built in 1866 on property given by the Charles and John Glenn families.

Many renovations have taken place through the years including the addition of a “back room” which served as a dining room and kitchen for many years. In 1972, the education hall was completed, most of the work being done by local volunteers.  Finally the church had indoor plumbing. The parsonage was added and dedicated in December of 1974. For many years North Lake was on a charge with another church. Three of these churches were Dexter, Salem Grove and Waterloo.

A host of devoted ministers and congregants have kept the church alive for over 175 years.  With a strong foundation and a faithful, God-loving congregation, the church strives to serve God by providing a center in the community where people can gather to live out the example of Jesus Christ.

Edited by Historical Committee of NLUMC

Additional information regarding the church’s history can be found here.

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