Safe Sanctuary

The Safe Sanctuary program at North Lake United Methodist Church

The Safe Sanctuary program is intended to ensure that all people feel safe from harm and abuse of all kinds while at our facility or taking part in events sponsored by North Lake United Methodist Church. It is our hope that all people feel safe here, and parents feel safe entrusting their children to the care of those we have appointed to look after them.

In order to facilitate this goal, each member is encouraged to fill out the appropriate background and permission forms. No person will be allowed to be in charge of children whether in a teaching, chaperone or driver role without having fulfilled the required checks or being in the company of someone who has undergone the checks. Having the forms filled out ahead of time will make things go more smoothly if you are called upon to assist in a program in any capacity.

We hope that as many people as possible enroll in this program so that we can provide a safe, secure, nurturing environment for all.

The following resources are available in the Safe Santuaries program:

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