Prayer Ministry

He who has learned to pray has learned the greatest secret of a holy and happy life.
John Banyon

Church Services
Prayer is one of the most powerful ways to provide spiritual encouragement, support, guidance, and inspiration. Our Sunday services include all the traditional components of prayer. Additionally, during prayer time, individuals are invited to share the week’s joys as well as offer up prayer concerns. A prayer book for entering prayer requests and providing updates is circulated.

Prayer Chain
Our church maintains a prayer chain for people needing spiritual support.  Individuals can easily activate the prayer chain for themselves, family members, or friends by contacting Nancy McKinnon at 734-475-2652 or the Pastor at 734-475-9348 or

Group Prayer Time
Whether it is a meeting, class, fellowship opportunity, or special event, prayer is included to offer thanks and gratitude for our blessings and God’s unconditional love and grace, as well as to address special needs. We also have Wednesday Prayer Pack where we pray with prayer requests written in the prayer book.

The Upper Room
For individual spiritual growth, The Upper Room, which provides a daily devotional guide, is available at the church.

Prayer Shawl Ministry
As a tangible reminder of God’s love and our church’s support and prayers, hand-crafted shawls are provided for people needing spiritual support. This ministry also gives knitted or crocheted blankets to newborn babies.

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